Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And that's why procrastination feels so right

Link to online, flash, intriguing game.

The title is inspired by this random (meaning I've never seen the blog before) blog entry.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Will you be mobile and edit my Google contacts, please?

It all started when I wanted to unblock one of my Google contacts.
By Google contacts, I mean the contacts that are shown under Contacts, in GMail's web interface, and particularly my most contacted ones, that are my GTalk contacts.
I am mobile, using my Nokia E51 phone, with the default internet browser and with fring installed.

First, I only seem able to use the basic html version of the GMail web interface. When I chose to use the standard version, i was shown the mobile one. No use there.

Then I figure I might be able to use the GTalk gadget under iGoogle. Pace yourself.No proper Flash Player version installed.

How about trying to use Opera Mini? Well, 4.1 installed ok... The second time. When I tried to install on phone and not on memory card that is. But then I could not log in to Gmail. All I got was a blank, white page. Sorry, I cannot document that with a screenshot at the moment. No print screen key.

Let's try the old opera mini. 3. I can install it just fine now, I chose my phone din prima this time around.

No friendlier (my specific need is editing a contact) pages this time either.

And only then do I start to google. But it's hard! Googling is fine, reading through the results, not so much! Not to my eyes at least.

So now, more than an hour later, I give up! Now, that's what I call an efficiently blocked contact.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Google Reader Manage Friends turns into Sharing Settings

Google Reader, through the Official Google Reader blog, just informed me that stuff's changed. I didn't really bother reading what it's about - I took a look over the article, figured it's about managing the people you share items with; also, I usually trust they're really making improvements. My attitude is, like always: show me, show me!

So I immediately go and click on Manage Friends.

And I get:

Boo. I need to see the new stuff!

I figure I need to refresh my page, and I do, and the first change I see is that Manage friends is now called Sharing settings. It actually makes a lot of sense, I personally use other means of managing my friends, none of which involving mouse clicks. And the changes are of so much impact that I now (5 minutes after the whole thing happened) wonder if it was really called Manage friends before.

I click on that and I get to the good stuff. I am now excited about taking a deeper look into it.

I started to use Google Notebook, loving it more and more every day.