Thursday, August 14, 2008

Google Reader Manage Friends turns into Sharing Settings

Google Reader, through the Official Google Reader blog, just informed me that stuff's changed. I didn't really bother reading what it's about - I took a look over the article, figured it's about managing the people you share items with; also, I usually trust they're really making improvements. My attitude is, like always: show me, show me!

So I immediately go and click on Manage Friends.

And I get:

Boo. I need to see the new stuff!

I figure I need to refresh my page, and I do, and the first change I see is that Manage friends is now called Sharing settings. It actually makes a lot of sense, I personally use other means of managing my friends, none of which involving mouse clicks. And the changes are of so much impact that I now (5 minutes after the whole thing happened) wonder if it was really called Manage friends before.

I click on that and I get to the good stuff. I am now excited about taking a deeper look into it.

I started to use Google Notebook, loving it more and more every day.