Thursday, April 16, 2009

Walk with Me

The city sometimes feels bright, and clean.

Last weekend's walk was pretty boring.
It had a promising start though:

I saw that in front of a block of flats near where I live, and on the way to the park. Someone planted flowers, made bird houses, turned the area into a nice little garden... and had *that thing* to watch over it.

The rest of the walk was boring.

But it ended with a smile:

The following day holds more photos from the road...

Belonging to a series of more "Missing Ones":

And something else of an "All around commercial" theme:

I am so tempted to make comments on it. Ah, the pectorals and that skull! 

On the way back this caught my eye:

The following week is my birthday weekend, which starts with a walk that took me around campus.

It's hard to enjoy it when you're a student there, and I always assumed that people like these never went to school here:

I love the photo, esp. desaturated like this.

And then I move on and get amused and inspired by these:

I love all things that feel Broken:

Passing one dorm building:

No, I don't usually see flags around unless it's National Day.

And the horror continues. I have no decent sense of fashion whatsoever, but this has got to be wrong:

Who knows why we do the things we do.


I don't get this:

Ah, more inspirational stuff:

One in my Windows series:

Surprising colours:

Another broken home:

And this looks like it had been there for ages:

And then there's the walk next day. I'll leave that to another time.