Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another sweet one from Google and Firefox

Well, this really is actually kind of sweet.

This morning I was reading that Google Notebook now integrates Google Bookmarks
and I thought "Hey, I never used Google Notebook"... So I clicked and got to Google Notebook, and I was invited to install a Firefox addon for it. And I did.

A very nice, clean page (I, as a web developer, actually mean that) let me know that I was successful installing the add-on:

I didn't even have to read the note (it was sitting pretty in the center of the page), there on the page was also a huge arrow pointing to the trully important stuff:

The arrow, with its pretty colour and size, was so effective in directing me (I, again, really mean that) that it did take me a while to see the Open Notebook link just a little bit to the left. Just a little bit.

My more-annoyed-self would bitch on how presumptuous this whole thing was. But I find it sweet. Pin-the-tail-on-the-link kind of sweet.